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Virtual Learning Webinars

Online Leadership Training that Builds Courageous, Disruption-Ready Teams.

These engaging, interactive leadership webinars bring our effective, online Courageous Leadership® training to your remote teams.

I cannot say enough good things about the course – the content, the instructors, and the level of participation. And, even without really realizing it, I’ve already started to put some of the lessons we learned into practice.

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Geographically diverse?
No problem.

We've been providing standout virtual learning for 20 years - so no matter how big the team, our webinars bring our Courageous Leadership to you seamlessly.

Attendees working remotely will be united by a cadence of learning and development around skills uniquely crafted to tackle disruption.

Virtual learning: Key Themes & OUTCOMES

Develop individual leaders - remotely
Lock down and progress leadership behaviors that guarantee continued growth and development in the long term, even in a virtual working environment.
maximize team effectiveness during disruption
Activate tools that combat chaos, boosting effectiveness and producing faster, better results in individuals and large-footprint teams.
drive team alignment & results
Refine the communication skills that build aligned, focused and engaged remote teams who work with a unified vision towards a common goal.

Just some of our virtual learning webinars...

Stop the Madness: Gaining Control & Creating Impact
Leading Through Change

While we can’t control chaos, we can LEAD through change by flexing our Courageous Leadership muscle. In this engaging and often hilarious webinar, Cindy focuses on the three simple secrets to owning your day, your productivity, and your impact in this new world of work.

Creating Results With everyday actions
Building True Team Engagement

Learn the four easy steps to creating true engagement with any individual, team, or company in this fast-paced and immersive program.

Masterful & Authentic Communication... a Virtual World

Focus on how highly successful leaders craft the most effective communication during challenging times.  Learn to create impact virtually, align teams (both that report to you and those who don’t), and build courageous skills in yourself, your peers, and your teams.

How to Be Seen in a Virtual World
Courageous Leadership: Your Career Definer

Many of us are adjusting, not only to a new way of getting work done, but a new way of communicating and developing our careers when the old rules no longer apply.  Learn the four secrets of how to be seen (and appreciated) even during disruption and WFH challenges.

Creating Team Results During Disruption
The 4 Secrets for Success

Everyday goal changes, massive amounts of uncertainty and personal stress are just the tip of the COVID iceberg trying to derail your team’s results.  Learn the secrets to helping your team (and those around you) create positive performance now!

Leading Courageously for What Comes Next...
Navigating the "New Normal"

Taking the learnings from the past several months and applying them proactively and with intention to the next phase of your career, your company… and your life.

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