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Enabling teams across a large physical and functional footprint is one of the most difficult issues you face - especially during disruption.

On-Demand MicroDevelopment™ is designed to deliver the best of our Courageous Leadership offerings in bite-size online leadership courses. For employees at all levels, these innovative, responsive, and effective programs create consistent skill development anywhere you need it... quickly.

What is MICRODevelopment?

MicroDevelopment offers e-learning development wherever and whenever needed – for employers and employees.

Highly interactive and effective, this is episodic online learning delivered through an innovative, customizable, turnkey platform.

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Rapid, meaningful e-learning for skill development

On-Demand MicroDevelopment is ideal for organizations who desire quick, effective development combined with flexibility and scale in delivery. Programs are designed to be extended through all levels to create fast-turnaround alignment and
instant customer and bottom-line results.

Leadership expertise at your fingertips

The Courageous Leadership Institute® is the sole home of exclusive On-Demand MicroDevelopment online leadership courses from the world's most renowned, respected, and game-changing business experts.

From generational communication to powerful presentation skills to customer service skills, The Courageous Leadership Institute brings the most courageous thought leaders directly to your phone or computer. Development when you need it, where you need it.


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Interactive Online Learning

Interactive, engaging 2-4 minute videos available on smartphone, tablet, or desktop
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Real-World Skill Building & Practice

Activity-based downloads, quizzes, and action plans for on-the-job practice & skill retention
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Reporting & Accountability

Live reporting for managers and leaders to access participation, engagement, and completion data by team
Our online, On-Demand MicroDevelopment™ programs can be utilized as standalone skill-building or in conjunction with our live leadership intensives and webinars.

moving from Manager to


Takes managers of tasks and builds them into leaders of people ready to create agile, innovative, and inspired teams.

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a frontline


Energize your customer experience by arming your entire frontline with the skills needed to create exceptional interactions.

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Courageous leadership

For Women®

Build the courageous leadership skills it takes to make a positive and proactive impact inside of any organization or career.


Continue the Courage Journey.

Created by some of the world's most renowned names in leadership development and business practice – exclusively designed to cater to your organizational needs.


Clients building a culture of courage

Having been in my industry for 20 years and in leadership positions a good portion of it, I've been to many training classes and leadership development sessions. Yours was different and the best I've been fortunate enough to participate in.

vice president | keybank

We believe that COURAGEOUS LEADERSHIP is the key to engaged teams, inspired customer experiences, and innovative practice.

The Courageous Leadership Institute® draws on over 20 years of successful client interventions and research to create cultures of courage across global organizational footprints. We focus on equipping both leaders and individual contributors with a set of skills uniquely designed to meet the challenges of a changing and disruptive world.

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