The Courageous Leadership Institute creates a
Leadership Jumpstart
for your organization.

Our fully customized, quickly executed blended learning programs work together or as standalone programs to deliver results quickly. Regardless of organization size, geography, or budget, our turnkey programs can be put in place when you need them.
Courageous Leadership Programs

Rock your Meeting.

Align, energize, and create fast action against your goals.

Provocative, hilarious, and action-focused Keynote Speeches set the stage for organizational engagement regardless of level, functional area, or industry. Live Leadership Intensives continue the journey.  READ MORE

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Courageous Leadership Programs

Jumpstart Learning.

Kickstart your Courageous Leadership journey by turning inspiration and excitement into action. 

CLI’s Live Leadership Intensives and standalone On-Demand MicroDevelopment are tailored to the needs of your organization. They are highly interactive, ensuring rapid and deep skill set development at scale.  READ MORE

Courageous Leadership Programs

Make it Stick.

Reinforce new skills with an ongoing cadence of learning designed to build standalone, real-world practice and continue developmental growth.

Interactive Webinars and On-Demand MicroDevelpment courses are ideal for geographically dispersed participants or large footprint organizations. They allow leaders and teams to deploy learnings in everyday business settings. READ MORE

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Courageous Leadership Programs

Create Mastery.

Deepen learning and allow everyday skills practice to become innate, daily organizational behavior and culture.

Interactive, episodic, and accessible On-Demand MicroDevelopment and Snapshot Coaching provide always-on guidance that can be utilized whenever and wherever needed. Expand and master the leadership toolkit.

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