Live Leadership Intensives

Interactive, fully-customized Courageous Leadership training - delivered online, or in-person.

Create a common Courageous Leadership skill toolkit and language across your footprint through deep skill practice of highly enabling leadership skills.

The Courageous Leadership Institute's workshop at Cisco was one of the highest impact sessions that delivered lasting results. They are unlike most in that their programs are not only inspiring, but participants also leave with ways to reinforce the behavioral changes they make immediately following the session that are lasting.

Chief Diversity Officer | Cisco

Mobilize your leaders.

Our intensives go beyond live or virtual training to directly integrate skills into everyday behaviors and culture. Leaders will have a playbook of engagement to build consistent, exceptional experiences for customers and employees alike.


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Create & establish ENGAGING GOALS

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IMPROVE PERFORMANCE in only 2 minutes

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Create INSPIRING MESSAGES in the moment

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Unlock the potential of EVERY EMPLOYEE

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Build INFLUENCE & RESULTS through Courageous Communication

1. BUilt for you

We conduct extensive pre-event interviews and research. Consequently, each CLI Leadership Intensive is 100% customized & tailored to your specific organizational needs & goals.

2. AN interactive EVENT

Unlike typical "training" programs, these interactive, fast-paced facilitated programs require 100% interactivity from the full team. With the average exercise of only 8 minutes, attendees are "all in" from the moment they arrive.

3. Immediate Practice

The customized leadership toolkit shared and practiced during our Intensives provides low-risk practice and a team approach to ensure that once back at their desks, they can hit the ground running.

What makes Institute Intensives different to typical leadership training?

Clients building a culture of courage
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