Build Employee & Customer Experience

at a large scale.

Building consistent, positive customer experiences is the holy grail - your leaders require the toolkit to attain it.

Innovation isn't driven by technology; it's driven by courageous leaders and employees with the skills needed to meet the demands of an ever-changing customer and marketplace.


Immersive, blended programs continually reinforce alignment behind a new, united set of leadership skills, behaviors, and language.

Our customized, turnkey, and highly interactive programs can be scaled and deployed for organizational unity across the entire footprint.

Live Leadership Intensives

First, activate the courage of your leaders and teams for inspiration, innovation, customer experience, and productivity.

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Interactive Online Webinars

Then, create energizing customer and employee experiences across your footprint through courageous everyday actions.

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A Frontline Jumpstart®

Finally, design a tailored package of On-Demand MicroDevelopment™ to equip leaders and the frontline with a unified toolkit of Courageous skills.

We believe that COURAGE is the key to engaged teams, inspired customer experiences, and innovative practice

The Courageous Leadership Institute® draws on over 20 years of successful client interventions and research to create cultures of courage across global organizational footprints. We focus on equipping both leaders and individual contributors with a set of skills uniquely designed to meet the challenges of a changing and disruptive world.

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